CARTOONING:   Calvin & Hobbes, Spongebob Squarepants, Bugs Bunny and other cartoons come to life in this fun program.   Learn tricks, tips and techniques on how to draw crazy cartoons just like the pros.  Using simple methods with shapes and lines, kids will learn that drawing cartoons is easier than you can imagine!

SUPER HEROES & SCI-FI-FUN:  Is your child a fan of Batman, Spiderman, Transformers or Star Wars?  Then SUPER HEROES & SCI-FI FUN is the class they’re going to want to certainly be in.   Create your own Super Hero comic book, design an interstellar space ship, imagine an out-of-this-world Alien and much more! This fun and engaging art program will have students create a wide variety of imaginative projects while learning about the exciting genres of Super Heroes and Science Fiction.

CREATING COMICS: Geared towards kids who are interested in creating their own personal comic books.  Not just limited to the  super-hero genre, this program delves into the hands-on fun of creating sequential art.  Students will learn about various aspects of drawing and creating comics, such as emotive faces, anatomy, character development and other important  elements in sequential story-telling.

CHESS:  Learn basic strategy, rules, and tips on playing the classic game of Chess.  Chess can help improve concentration and confidence as well as teach good sportsmanship.    Research has shown that Chess can even help students' academic performance.  Suitable for beginners and intermediate players.


SCIENCE RULES!:  Designed for inquisitive young minds who love to explore the world of science, students will partake in a variety of colorful and educational science experiments in this class.  This hands-on program is perfect for future Carl Sagans and Bill Nyes, proving that Science can be fun!

MYTHS & LEGENDS: Hercules, The Monkey King, Thor, King Arthur and other Myths & Legends from around the globe come to life in this engaging reading and writing program.    Students will dive into these diverse ancient tales of heroes and while taking part in different fun activities such as creating their own myth!

AWESOME ARTISTS:   This fun and colorful program offers a WIDE variety of different  Arts and Crafts projects to last the entire school year!  Kids will engage in exciting art projects each week, exploring different materials, art mediums and techniques.

DIGITAL ART:  Learn how to create dazzling digital art using Adobe Photoshop.   Students will explore the depths of their imaginations as digital artist where in this medium, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

:  Using their digital cameras, students will create photographs that are sure to impress.  Lessons include editing techniques such as framing, digital tricks, cropping and more.  Exploring different photography styles such as portraits, outdoor landscapes, black and white and more, students will be creative photographers in no time.

Does your child like to make things to wear and also show off their creativity? Why not try a Bead Crafts? Students will learn how to make everything from simple bracelets and key chains to specific designs and intricate patterns. With a variety of colors and shapes, kids will have endless ways to express themselves with their new jewelry and trinkets!

Yoga is more popular than ever. There are countless health benefits associated with yoga, including improved flexibility, concentration, improved posture, better breathing and much more.  This fun, beginners yoga program is geared specifically towards kids.

: Looking for a fun way to get kids to exercise and sharpen their coordination? Hula hooping is a great way to do just that! It's easy to learn and an excellent hobby! This class will teach kids everything from the basics of simple hula hooping around the waist to more complicated tricks like knee or shoulder hooping! Come join the class that'll have all the kids spinning with joy!